FTN smart contract upgraded
2019.11.08 18:34:27

The new FTN smart contract upgrade has been completed, and the new contract address is:


All addresses with Fountain 3 (FTN) tokens will get the same amount of "Fountain (FTN)".

Exchanges that cooperate with Fountain will automatically upgrade after Fountain upgrades and complete the smart contract upgrade. There will be no changes to the FTN that users deposit on the exchange.

Most digital wallet software can automatically identify the entry of the new token FTN. If there is no automatic display, you need to manually add it using the following contract address. Contract address:0xb1d5a03d2ff72f7f226372c4b2fa7b50cd9d7910

The original Fountain3 (FTN) will be destroyed after a certain period of time. After destruction, the foundation will issue an announcement to notify the community.

Fountain Foundation

November 8, 2019

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